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Who are we ?

The Special Patrolman Benevolent Association was created in February of 1996. It was created in order to formulate a National Union dedicated to the needs and concerns of Special Patrolman in New York State, a Union that would recognize the problems faced by our Patrolman, and with the help of certain goverment officials, lobby to change some of the existing laws governing our feild. A Union is as powerful as its members and the people running it. Experience, knoledge,unity and the will to suceed determines the strenght and effectiveness of your Union and with  that strenght comes the respect you seek and deserve.

The Special Patrolman Benevolent Association is not run in the manner of most traditional unions. We do not believe in strong-arm tactics in order to accomplish our goals. We rely more on knowledge of business strategies and budget reducing plans that benefit both the employees and the employers. We rely on knowledge of National Labor Relations Board rules/regulations and the labor laws of New York State as well as our negotiating skills. Currently the S.P.B.A. Local #1  represents 4 seperate Units they are Parkchester South Condominiums,Parkchester North Condimimniums, Delano Village in Harlem and St.Barnabas Hospital.  The S.PBA. is currently in the process of  forming 3 other Units in the New York City area and is also looking to expand into Florida.

What makes us different ?

When we created the Special Patrolman Benevolent Association we came up with an outline that would safeguard against the following negative aspects of a union;

   1) Unions are not personally involved with the problems facing their members.

  2) Unions are constantly increasing members dues.

  3) Unions take your money and do nothing in return for it.

  4) Union delegates sell out during contract negotiations.

  5) Union delegates cannot be reached when needed.

 Here is how we adressed the above issues. First, we set up our locals to run independantly. We feel the strength of our union lies in the fact that all our locals negotiate and operate from a personal standpoint. We will teach you how to manage your own local. You will get to choose your own delegates from your own job sites who will have a personal stake in what your union achieves. Because of this you will have the security of knowing that your Executive Board members will always be accessible to you, and will not sell you out when it comes time for contract negotiations. Third, your delegates will, with the help of our executive board, negotiate your contracts. We will teach them negotiating techniques that have helped us secure some of the best contracts in the New York City private Law Enforcement field. These techniques will not only help you to acquire the increases you seek but they will also help you secure the futures of your union members. We will also teach them arbitration and grievance resolution procedures. These procedures have helped  us properly represent union members and  allowed us to win 9 out of 12 arbitration cases in the last 4 years.  Finally your delegates will have a seat on the executive board which will enable them to vote on your behalf on any issues that are put on the floor (i.e.) dues increases, bylaw changes and treasury allocations so you will always have a say in where your hard-earned money goes.


What have we accomplished ?

We have successfully negotiated three contracts for our signature Local-1. In the first of those contracts we were able to increase earnings by 20%  in the second and third by 15% for an overall increase of 50% in just a nine year period. We were able to raise management contributions to their annuity fund  from $0.40 an hour to $4.00 an hour, we raised uniform allowances from $25 to  $100 per year and Life Insurance coverage increased from $25,000 to $200,000. We were also able to establish a 401k plan with a management contributions of $1.00 an hour, line-of-duty pay for on-the-job injuries, and a light duty clause for officers recovering from injury or illness.

The S.P.B.A. has secured the following awards for our members.

  August 9th, 1996,  NYSERB Arbitration for Wrongful Termination of an Employee, heard by Arbitrator Howard C. Edelman, the S.P.B.A. was able to successfully overturn the termination of this officer who was then reinstated.

   February 24th, 1997, NYSERB Arbitration for  Contract Violation, heard by Arbitrator Richard Adelman, the S.P.B.A. was successful in stopping management from sending untrained security guards into potentially dangerous situations which was in violation of our signature local’s contract.

October 10th, 1997  NYSERB Arbitration Case #MP-70422, Unwarranted Demotion and Decrease in Salary, the  S.P.B.A. was able to successfully reinstate it’s member to the original status and rate of pay; Union member was awarded $5,000.

October 31st, 1997, NYSERB Arbitration Case  #MP-70423, Wrongful Termination of an Employee, the S.P.B.A. was able to successfully overturn the termination of this officer who was then reinstated ; Union member was awarded $70,000.

June 30th, 1998, NYSERB Arbitration, Case #MP-80008, Unwarranted Decrease in Salary, the S.P.B.A. was successful in reestablishing employees original rate of pay; Union member was awarded $6,000.

July 1st,1998, NLRB Case #2-CA 29525, Wrongful Termination of an Employee, union member was awarded $10,000. 

 July 1st, 1998, NLRB Case #CA-30279, Contract Violation, the S.P.B.A. was successful in stopping management from illegally tape recording  union members while working which was in violation of that locals contract.

 September 14th, 1998, Step 3 Grievance, Wrongful Termination of an Employee, the S.P.B.A. was able to overturn this termination without having to go to arbitration, Union member was reinstated without loss of pay.

What are our goals ?

The goals of the Special Patrolman Benevolent Association is to unite all of the Special Patrolmen in the New York State area under one umbrella union, thereby strengthening our lobbying power. We would then try to change some of the laws pertaining to Special Patrolmen, such as;

  1) We would help Special Patrolmen to be recognized in the Penal Law, along the same lines as Police Officers.

  2)  We would change Special Patrolmen status from 8 hours to 24 hours.

  3) We would lobby to make all Special Patrolmen eligible to apply for full carry permits.

  4) We would change the “guilty until proven innocent” policy of One Police Plaza when dealing with officers that have been charged with crimes, and allow Special Patrolmen to maintain their status as well as their jobs until proven innocent or guilty by a court of law. 

  5) We would lobby to make Special Patrolman a new Civil Service position which would be run by the New York City Police Department.

  6) We would lobby to allow our officers the right to patrol all city housing complexes, therefore, nullifying the need for Housing Police. This would in turn put more cops on city streets where they are needed.

With these changes will come the respect Special Patrolmen seek in the Law Enforcement community.

Becoming an affiliated local with the Special Patrolman’s Benevolent Association would entitle you to the following; access to our Labor Law attorneys, who with our assistance, will help with  contract negotiations and  preparation of arbitration cases. Access to our financial advisors, who will help in establishing credit unions,pension plans, IRA’s, annuity funds, with higher management contributions. Access to our insurance agents, who will help you establish better medical and insurance plans. Access to our certified trainers, who will offer training for your officers, i.e.; 8 Hour Security Guard Course, 24 Hour Special Patrolman Course, Courses in contract preparation and negotiation as well as arbitration and grievance techniques. Access to our fully equipped physical training center at no cost to you. At this center we teach self-defense, baton training, aerobics and weight training

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